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Don't really know what can go wrong when you shop online? You don't have to.
Safe Deal protects you from security issues like phishing, commerce fraud, online scams, and dangerous deals.

Shopping securely is your superpower

Eliminate threats,
buy with confidence

Unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms, effectively protect your shopping experience.

Zero distraction, Maximum safety

Prevents malicious deals, phishing and scams to help you stay away from trouble.

When in doubt, Check it out

Silently analyzes, commerce deals you visit, immediately blocks suspicious activity.

Easy, effective, discreet

Effectively prevents tracking your activities, fully protects your privacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is what drives us, to do everything possible to expand human potential.
We do that by creating groundbreaking technology products, growing our creative and diverse global teams,
and making a positive impact in communities where we live and work.
So we’re helping the world to become more secure.

Online Fraud is a Growing Trend

It's responsible for more than $100 billion of private and company losses, annually

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